What is the process for submitting my story?

Please visit https://borderlandfaith.wordpress.com/submit-your-story/

Can I submit multiple stories or multiple posts with updates to the same running story?

Yes. Of course!

How did this site come about?

A friend and I were discussing the idea of a place online where people could share their stories that share a common thread of doubts while simultaneously still having faith. We wanted to create a community for people like us. Somewhere you can share, read and have conversations with others who struggle with doubt. We decided to go for it September 2021 and here we are. We will see where it goes.

Is this a for profit site?

No it isn’t. This is an experiment to see if it is possible to bring together a group of people like the one described above and see where it goes and if it can grow into something special.

How do I contact you directly?