From the moment we are born, life is a continual progression of crossing borders or boundaries, where we step from one mode of being to another. Our first word, our first step, our first day of school, our first kiss, our first job, our first sexual experience, our first commitment of ourselves to another in marriage, our first child, our first experience with the death of a loved one, our first experience of our children leaving home, our first grandchild. With each crossing of a border, our lives change irrevocably. We are not the same person we were before we crossed that border. If we live long enough, we cross other borders as well. Deaths of our loved ones and friends, the end of our career, the decline of our health and finally the ultimate border, death itself.  

In one sense, life itself is a series of borders. There are other border crossings though that are not experienced by everyone nor experienced by everyone at the same level.

Some are raised in a religious home or find a church later in life and remain with their faith community their entire life. Others cross over to another land, leaving their faith and their faith community behind altogether. There are some though who cross borders into areas that are unfamiliar or even forbidden and yet do not leave their faith behind. Instead, they dwell in the borderland between two or more different worlds, holding them in tension to seek for a deeper truth that resides between.

It is to this group of sojourners and wanderers that this site is dedicated. Those who have found themselves outside the camp or tribe, without a place to call their spiritual home. Those who hold a borderland faith, who doubt, yet still believe.

Here you are not just welcome, but are invited to share your story, your doubts as well as your faith. Sharing with those who have journeyed down a similar path, finding themselves in a similar place. Here you can find those who, like you, live in the borderland between doubt and faith.